There are many homeowners that give us a call asking us the age-old question, “Do you think that I need a new roof?”  That can certainly be a loaded question, but one that we are more than willing to tackle together.  The staff at M.I.S.T. Construction will begin by asking a series of assessment questions and then we will schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs as they pertain to your home.  For now, let’s concentrate on some of the reasons why a homeowner is most likely to reach out to us in need.


1. Potential Storm Damage

In the Southeast region, we are prone to all different variations of weather patterns that can cause potential harm to homeowner’s property.  Down trees or limbs can puncture a roof causing damage or hail is known to be a nasty culprit leading to roof replacement.  Ensure that you get into the habit of taking a stroll around your property following storms.


2. Leaks

Have you noticed water leakage in your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or any other room in your home?  That water is coming from somewhere and it’s quite possible that it could be the roof.  If you suspect that it is coming from the roof, then call us immediately for an estimate.  It could be as simple as a need for some replacement shingles or it could be another issue that needs to be addressed immediately before it turns into a larger, more expensive project.


3. Age of the Roof

Depending on the kind of shingles that are currently on your roof, they could have a 15-30 year lifespan.  It would be beneficial to know if you have architectural shingles versus builders grade.  Although certain shingles are said to have a certain lifespan, that does not always hold true.  For example, if your attic space does not have proper ventilation or insulation, the roof could be exposed to extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures- more so than the average roof.  This would cause the roof to age quicker than the exact same shingles on top of a properly ventilated or insulated attic.  The age of the roof is an estimate to how much life the roof will bear – sometimes it’s a shorter span, and other times under mild conditions, a roof can last longer than it’s anticipated lifespan!  If you are nearing the estimated expiration of your shingles or roof, give us a call to evaluate the conditions to ensure that you do not have any major issues that you are unaware of when it comes to the roof of your house!


These are the top three reasons that we hear clients comment on replacing or fixing a portion of their roof.  If you think you have potential storm damage, a leak or simply think your roof has reached it’s anticipated age limit give M.I.S.T. Construction a call!